The Pros and Cons of Unique Splashback Materials

Your kitchen's splashback is very important, as this material protects the walls from food splatter and excess humidity. A splashback can also help to stop a kitchen fire from spreading and can add some style and colour to the space as well. There are many unique materials you might use for splashbacks; note a few pros and cons of each so you know what to expect from each choice and so you can ensure you avoid a splashback material that doesn't fit your kitchen the way you assumed it would. Read More 

Sliding Shower Screen Door Repair

Sliding shower screen doors add a modern look and offer a silk finish to your bathroom. However, it could be frustrating if it fails to work properly. A bathroom is one of the most sensitive parts of your house and will serve people on a daily basis. For this reason, you may probably experience consistent fall offs, drags, or sticks when trying to slide it to open or close. Many homeowners, in this case, choose to completely remove it and buy a new door. Read More 

Glass Splash Backs Cleaning Tips

Glass splash backs are a great way to offer the necessary protection to your kitchen or bathroom walls. Apart from offering the needed protection, they also add to the aesthetics thanks to their beautiful finish. This makes splash backs a crucial part of any kitchen, bathroom, or room where the wall needs to be protected from moisture and dirt. Glass splash backs need to be well taken care of if you want to retain the beautiful finish. Read More 

4 Types of Glasses to Choose From For Your Kitchen Splashback

You are in the final stages of decorating your home and are not sure what to get for your kitchen. Styling your kitchen depends solely on the materials you use to do the decoration. For your kitchen, you need a styling material that will be durable, contemporary, and easy to clean. While there are different materials you can use, glass splashbacks have become the norm today. As such, there are different types of glass that are used to manufacture glass splashbacks. Read More 

Replacing Windows: 4 Types of Glass to Consider

If you are in the process of replacing the windows in your home, you may be considering the different types of windows and glass available on the market. Below is a guide to the different types of glass you can have installed in the windows of your home. Laminated Glass  In a lot of ways, laminated glass is exactly the same as the standard glass used in other windows. It is manufactured in much the same way. Read More