How to Use Glass to Jazz Up Your Home

Four Types Of Glass For Your Frameless Shower

A frameless shower needs to be both stylish and functional. Choosing the right glass will help on both fronts. Here are several types that you can incorporate into your project. Clear Glass Smooth, clear glass will give your bathroom a modern, sleek appearance. It evokes a sense of spaciousness by allowing light to pass freely through, which makes the entire room area seems larger. An opaque screen, in contrast, blocks off a section of the room for the opposite effect. Read More 

Quick Tips on How to Perfectly Maintain Your Stained Glass

Stained glass strikes a decorative edge to your premise when well maintained and kept in sparkling condition. As an owner, you have realised that you can't just treat them like clear glass. Special attention is needed to maintain these precious pieces of art. Below are some quick tips that will enable you to maintain your stained glass in perfect condition. Regular Cleaning Just like clear glass, regular cleaning of your stained glass ensures that they are in sparkling condition at all times. Read More 

What Is Low-Iron Glass And Why It Is Important When Choosing A Coloured Splashback For Your Kitchen

Coloured glass splashbacks are a great option for a kitchen. You have the choice of assorted colours, and you can get the splashback digitally printed. You can even use frosted glass to add interesting, unexpected texture effects. One important decision is whether to choose regular, clear glass or low-iron glass. So what is low-iron glass and why does it matter for a kitchen splashback? How Glass Is Made Glass is formed by heating a mixture of ingredients to extreme temperatures, then moulding the molten glass solution to its required shape as it cools. Read More 

When Is It Time to Replace Your Glass Shower Door?

A glass shower door can dramatically transform the appearance of your entire bathroom. Unlike shower curtains, glass doors create a visually appealing focal point in your bathroom. Additionally, glass reflects light and makes the space look bigger than it is. For this reason, it is a suitable addition for both small and large bathrooms. However, just like you have to replace your curtain when it's worn, glass doors also require repairs at some point. Read More 

The Pros and Cons of Unique Splashback Materials

Your kitchen's splashback is very important, as this material protects the walls from food splatter and excess humidity. A splashback can also help to stop a kitchen fire from spreading and can add some style and colour to the space as well. There are many unique materials you might use for splashbacks; note a few pros and cons of each so you know what to expect from each choice and so you can ensure you avoid a splashback material that doesn't fit your kitchen the way you assumed it would. Read More