Types of Decorative Glass to Consider for Your Frameless Shower

All glass shower screens use safety glass, usually toughened glass. The screens can also be decorated with patterns, textures and colours. Here are several kinds of decorative glass to consider for your frameless shower screen.

Transparent and Low-Iron Glass

Transparent screens help to make a bathroom seem larger, as they don't block the view. Plus, clear glass highlights beautiful aspects of your space, such as natural stone tiles or a stylish vanity. Standard transparent glass is not totally clear, though. Along the edges, the panels show a green tinge caused by the iron particles within the glass. You often won't even notice this greenish haze, as it's so faint. If you want glass without this tinge, you could opt for low-iron glass screens instead.

Frosted Glass

While transparent glass lets other components become the focus and creates a spacious feel, it doesn't create a private shower. You have glass options for this, however. Simply opt for frosted glass screens. This glass can feature an icy sheen, evenly covering the surface. Otherwise, it comes in an array of patterns and designs.

Two methods are used to create the frosting effect, acid etching and sandblasting. These techniques use different approaches to corrode the glass surface to create a frosted effect. You can choose the ideal privacy level for your shower as you can pick between translucencies. For example, you can create a shower that's only slightly frosted or one that's almost opaque.

Textured Glass

Frosted glass designs are basically smooth overall. This contrasts with textured glass, which is moulded with designs, giving the panels a 3D effect. The textures are formed during the manufacturing process before the glass hardens. Like with frosted glass, you have many design options to select from. For example, rain glass mimics trickling raindrops. You can also select textures that simulate substances such as timber and bricks. Patterned glass also obscures the view into the shower, so you can enjoy a private shower while enjoying the beautiful decorative effects.

Toned Glass

Another possibility is toned glass in blue, green, bronze, or grey. During manufacture, different minerals are added to the glass mix to create tints that can be more intense or faint. These screens also add a touch of privacy to the shower enclosure. You can install tinted and patterned glass to create a unique shower. If you're deciding whether to opt for transparent or decorative screens, decide what is more important to you: creating a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom or having a private shower space.