5 Reasons to Choose a Frameless Glass Shower Screen

When updating your home's shower, the surround is a major consideration. Frameless glass shower screens may provide the perfect solution for your space, as the following benefits illustrate. 

1. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning around the frame of a glass shower screen can be difficult, as water spots and soap scum can build up in frame crevices. A frameless screen has none of these problems. You can easily wipe the glass dry after every use since there is no frame in the way, which means soap scum and hard water spots will quickly become a problem of the past. 

2. Increased Safety

Frameless doors are made of special tempered and shatter-proof glass, which means you don't have to worry about breakage. Further, you have complete visibility through the glass. This makes it easier for children and those with mobility issues to bathe safely, as they can be checked on periodically due to the easy view. 

3. Spacious Appearance

A frame cuts up a space visually, making it seem smaller. In an already small room, the result can feel positively cramped. Frameless doors provide a completely open look so that the room actually seems larger and more spacious. If there is a window anywhere in the room, the effect is even greater since the glass screen allows the natural light to penetrate the entire space. 

4. Optimum Accessibility

If accessibility is a concern, then a frameless screen is the answer. Most frame shower screens either slide open so only one half of the space is accessible at any given time, or they only swing open in one direction. There are frameless door designs that swing open in both directions, which can make it easier to access the shower for those with mobility issues or for parents that must help a child bathe.

5. Style Options

There is a great range of styles available when it comes to frameless screens. Even better, it is much easier to design a custom fit option for odd-shaped shower areas and small spaces. This is because the frameless glass can be cut to any size or configuration. Frameless hardware, including mounts, hinges, and latches, can then be attached to the custom fit glass in whatever configuration is desired. This simply isn't an option with frames glass showers, as they are rarely built to custom specifications. 

Contact a glass shop to learn more about the frameless glass shower screen options that are available.