The Pros and Cons of Unique Splashback Materials

Your kitchen's splashback is very important, as this material protects the walls from food splatter and excess humidity. A splashback can also help to stop a kitchen fire from spreading and can add some style and colour to the space as well. There are many unique materials you might use for splashbacks; note a few pros and cons of each so you know what to expect from each choice and so you can ensure you avoid a splashback material that doesn't fit your kitchen the way you assumed it would.


If you have stone benchtops, you might choose the same stone for the splashbacks so that the surface has a harmonious look. However, stone is very expensive and very heavy, so it needs a professional installer who will ensure that the walls can support the weight of the material. Also, if you decide on stone splashbacks to match the benchtop, you want to buy all the stone at once; even the same type of stone can have lots of variation in colours and grain patterns, so you may not get that cohesive look you want if you buy your stone splashback after the benchtops are installed. You might also feel as if the stone splashback is a bit busy when installed against the same stone benchtop, so be careful of this material, especially in a large kitchen.


Glass splashbacks allow you to enjoy the wall colour behind the benchtop if you don't like the look of a splashback interrupting the overall flow of the kitchen surfaces. You also don't need to change a glass splashback every time you change the paint colour, benchtop surface material, appliances, and other features in the kitchen. The one drawback to glass is that large pieces are heavy and need a professional installer; if you want a DIY splashback installation choice, you might opt for glass tiles that come in smaller sections and which are easier to install.

Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass is the same toughened glass used for splashbacks, but it is given a mirrored coating that usually has a slight grey or bronze tint. A mirrored glass splashback will easily reflect light, so it's very good for small and dark kitchens.  If you have a nice collection of high-end small appliances you keep on the countertops, the mirror can reflect them and make the kitchen seem even more attractive and upscale. As with solid glass, larger pieces may need a professional installer, so look for tiles if you want to install your new kitchen splashback yourself.