Sliding Shower Screen Door Repair

Sliding shower screen doors add a modern look and offer a silk finish to your bathroom. However, it could be frustrating if it fails to work properly. A bathroom is one of the most sensitive parts of your house and will serve people on a daily basis. For this reason, you may probably experience consistent fall offs, drags, or sticks when trying to slide it to open or close. Many homeowners, in this case, choose to completely remove it and buy a new door. This is not the best solution since you may end up spending on a new glass door when a simple repair could restore its normal functioning. A few common repair problems with shower screen doors will help you fix them.

Malfunctioned Rollers

Bad rollers are a common problem that affects the sliding ability of your shower doors. The rollers in your shower screen are mostly made of inexpensive lightweight plastic materials to keep the manufacturing costs down making them less durable. High temperatures make the plastic rollers to become brittle and eventually break. In some cases, a stone or a twig may get caught in the track of the roller making it break the jamb.

To repair, begin by removing the sliding screen door. Remove the old rollers from the top and bottom location of the door by screwing them out with a screwdriver. When getting new rollers at your home improvement store, make sure you get the correct bracket style that is specific to the manufacturer of your door. Fit the new rollers with a screwdriver the same way you removed the old ones.

Stretched or Damaged Screens

Another common problem you may experience with your shower doors is stretched shower screens. With pets that are constantly pushing and kids who may mistakenly walk through it, the screen may be damaged. Get the correct screen size of your shower door from your local shop. With the right tools, remove the old screen and replace it with a new one to restore the smooth look.

Short Doors

Your shower screen door may at times fall out repeatedly. This is because it is too small and the fit is loose in the tracks. Any vertical movement of the sliding door will destabilise and make it fall. Most sliding shower screens are adjustable. Two screws at the top and bottom rail of the door offer you this option. Loosen the screws without completely taking them out then extend the length of the door until you get a perfect fit. Tighten the screws to hold the door in position and test the new height.