4 Types of Glasses to Choose From For Your Kitchen Splashback

You are in the final stages of decorating your home and are not sure what to get for your kitchen. Styling your kitchen depends solely on the materials you use to do the decoration. For your kitchen, you need a styling material that will be durable, contemporary, and easy to clean. While there are different materials you can use, glass splashbacks have become the norm today. As such, there are different types of glass that are used to manufacture glass splashbacks. The type you choose for your kitchen will depend on your taste as well as budget. This article looks at different glass types you can choose for your kitchen splashback.

Standard Toughened Glass — One unique characteristic of standard toughened glass is its slightly green coloration. The green tinge affects the color that you decide to paint your kitchen glass splashback. Therefore, you must keep this in mind if you decide to go for standard toughened glass for your kitchen glass splashback. The advantage of using this type of material is that it is relatively cheap. Additionally, it usually takes only 1-2 weeks to install after installation of kitchen cabinets and bench tops.

Low-Iron Toughened Glass — This type of glass has less iron when compared to the standard toughened glass, so it does not have the slight green tinge. This characteristic allows you the freedom to choose the type of color or pattern to choose for your kitchen splashback. When painted, the glass gives a real representation of the color you have chosen. Low-iron toughened glass is slightly more expensive than the standard toughened glass and will take approximately 1-2 weeks to install.

Mirrored Toughened Glass — The manufacturing process for the mirror-toughened glass is the same as with the other glass types. However, what makes it unique is that it has a mirror backing that is resistant to moisture and vapor. This is critical when choosing a glass splashback, especially if your kitchen will be used a lot and prone to a lot of moisture and vapor. Compared to the above two types, the mirrored-toughened glass is the most expensive and will take about 3-4 weeks to install.

Textured Glass — Textured glass is created under extremely high temperatures while using a mold to achieve the desired textures and patterns. After the manufacturing process, the glass is left textured on one side and completely smooth on the other. It is recommended that when choosing textured glass for a kitchen glass splashback, you should use metallic paint as it enhances the textured patterns. This is the most expensive of all glass types and it will usually take about 3 weeks to install.