How to Prepare for a Visit From a Glass Replacement Contractor

If a glass window in your home has been smashed, you may be wondering what to do next. The shock of dealing with a broken window can make people behave in a way that makes the situation worse. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about preparing for a visit from a glass contractor. By following this advice, you can work to make sure you don't encounter any problems. Read More 

Why Fit Glazed Splashbacks at Home?

A glass splashback installation in your kitchen or bathroom will be an excellent addition to your home. These installations are highly desirable nowadays, so having one fitted should be viewed as an investment that will add value to your home. Of course, a glass kitchen splashback installation will come with an attendant cost, but the expenditure will always be worth it so long as it is fitted professionally for you. If you are considering a new splashback that will make your home more attractive to would-be buyers or simply want something that will look great with your current interior d├ęcor, why choose glass? Read More 

Tips to Follow When Replacing a Glass Window for Home Security

Glass is one of the most commonly used materials in making residential windows. It is popular because transparency makes it possible for daylight to get into the home. There are also certain window designs which create an impression of space in the home. For instance, French windows can make a lobby or living room seem like a continuation of the outdoors. However, beautiful as they are, glass windows are also brittle. Read More 

How to avoid leaks in your frameless glass shower screens

Frameless shower screens do not need a metal frame around them because they are made of toughened glass and so do not need a solid surround to hold them in place. However, you may worry that the absence of a frame will cause the shower to leak. This should not be a problem if you follow a few simple guidelines. Buy quality A frameless shower screen should not leak with normal use, as the gaps at the hinges and the sides of the panels are so small that water should not be able to get through. Read More 

Four Types Of Glass For Your Frameless Shower

A frameless shower needs to be both stylish and functional. Choosing the right glass will help on both fronts. Here are several types that you can incorporate into your project. Clear Glass Smooth, clear glass will give your bathroom a modern, sleek appearance. It evokes a sense of spaciousness by allowing light to pass freely through, which makes the entire room area seems larger. An opaque screen, in contrast, blocks off a section of the room for the opposite effect. Read More