Factors That Influence the Cost of Glass Window Repairs

Window glass can break for several reasons. A cricket ball may fly through from outside, or a wild storm might fling a tree branch against the window. Alternatively, you could see a crack in the glass and be unsure of the cause. If you're wondering how much window glass replacement will cost, consider the following factors that influence the overall charge.

Glass Type, Size and Thickness

Firstly, you need to pay for the actual glass that needs to go into the window. Glass pane prices vary depending on the type. Standard float glass is the most economical option. Other possibilities include toughened glass, tinted glass or double glazed units, all of which will up the cost. The size and thickness of the required pane are crucial also. Bigger dimensions and thicker glass will be more expensive than smaller and thinner panes, everything else being equal.

Time of Day

Another factor you need to consider is the labour charge, which will escalate if you need to call at odd hours for emergency assistance. An emergency contractor will clean up any shattered glass pieces and clear the remaining glass out of the window. They may board up the area to secure your home and measure the window frame to provide a quote. You can decide whether you want to hire their services during more standard hours when rates are cheaper.

Access and Job Difficulty

It's not only the time of day that will affect the window replacement labour cost. Also critical is being able to access the affected area. If the broken pane is in an upper storey window, they'll need to work on ladders or hire a scissor lift.

Additionally, job difficulty will affect the price. Window frames typically use materials like timber, aluminium or steel. If a timber frame is rotted, it may need repairing or replacement before the glass can be inserted. Sometimes, it's difficult to remove the old putty, which adds to the job length. Aluminium frames can be the most straightforward to work with.

Thus, several factors affect a glass window replacement cost. You need to consider the glass inserted: its size, thickness and type. Additionally, an emergency repair will propel labour costs skywards. The job difficulty plays a part, too: how complicated the repair is and how easy the windows are to access. If the broken pane is on an upper storey, the contractors may need to hire expensive equipment to work on the windows safely.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about window glass replacement.