How to avoid leaks in your frameless glass shower screens

Frameless shower screens do not need a metal frame around them because they are made of toughened glass and so do not need a solid surround to hold them in place. However, you may worry that the absence of a frame will cause the shower to leak. This should not be a problem if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Buy quality

A frameless shower screen should not leak with normal use, as the gaps at the hinges and the sides of the panels are so small that water should not be able to get through. However, this may depend upon the quality of the panels in the first place. If they have been shoddily made, the gaps may be larger than you would expect, and you may find that water from the shower can make its way through. We all want to save money, but if you buy a substandard shower screen, you will only wind up paying more in the future to fix problems that should never have arisen — possibly by buying a more expensive shower screen anyway.

Use the professionals

There is no point in having a top-quality shower if it is not fitted by top-quality people. The panels will need to be precise aligned if there is to be no gap between them and no leakage. It is not a job for you and a mate if you do not have the right experience; spend the money on hiring a professional so that you will know that the job is getting done right the first time by someone who can offer guarantees and who is covered by insurance.

Fit the right showerhead

The best type of showerhead for a frameless shower is a 'rain' head, which lets water fall vertically rather than pushes it horizontally - a horizontal jet of water has much more force than vertically falling water. You should also think about where to install the head. If you place it opposite the door, you are risking forcing a stream of water against the weakest part of the shower. Adjacent to the door is much more suitable. And if you use a detachable head, take care not to spray the water onto the seams.

Frameless showers are stylish and durable, and they can make a room seem more spacious. Follow these common-sense tips to ensure that the water stays inside the shower where you want it.

For more information on fully frameless glass shower screens, contact a glass contractor.