Why Fit Glazed Splashbacks at Home?

A glass splashback installation in your kitchen or bathroom will be an excellent addition to your home. These installations are highly desirable nowadays, so having one fitted should be viewed as an investment that will add value to your home. Of course, a glass kitchen splashback installation will come with an attendant cost, but the expenditure will always be worth it so long as it is fitted professionally for you. If you are considering a new splashback that will make your home more attractive to would-be buyers or simply want something that will look great with your current interior décor, why choose glass? Read on to find out.

Coloured and Textured Glass

When you opt for a glass splashback installation, you have plenty of choices available to you. Of course, most splashbacks in Australia — and the rest of the world, for that matter — are made from ceramics, usually tiles. However, there is no compromise on the textures or colours you can obtain with glass. Therefore, all interior design styles can be accommodated with glazed splashbacks. Coloured glass can be fitted with a single, monotone look, or you can find splashbacks which have colour variations throughout them. These look particularly good since they will catch the sunlight in different ways throughout the day. Equally, smooth finishes or rough ones are possible so your glass splashback will look good whether you have a traditional kitchen or a much more modern style in mind.

Add Glitter and Match Your Work Surfaces

There are plenty of additives that can go into glazed products of all kinds. Glitter is a common one that goes in many a glass kitchen splashback installation, but you can also find other additives that will add speckles of visual interest. This achieves a very sophisticated look in both bathrooms and kitchens. With kitchens, in particular, additives in the glazing look particularly effective if the same materials are used for your work surfaces. Anyone seeking an integrated design for their splashback and countertop work surfaces should consider just how effective glass can be.

Made-to-Measure Fitting

Although a glass splashback installation will be just as easy to maintain as tiling — you only need to wipe it over with a little soapy water to keep it in mint condition — it offers a very different look. This is because you can always see the grout that sits between individual tiles. With a single section of glazing covering your wall, this visual interruption is done away with. Equally, you won't have to chip away any grout that has gone mouldy and replace it when you have a single-piece installation made from glass.