Four Types Of Glass For Your Frameless Shower

A frameless shower needs to be both stylish and functional. Choosing the right glass will help on both fronts. Here are several types that you can incorporate into your project.

Clear Glass

Smooth, clear glass will give your bathroom a modern, sleek appearance. It evokes a sense of spaciousness by allowing light to pass freely through, which makes the entire room area seems larger. An opaque screen, in contrast, blocks off a section of the room for the opposite effect. To highlight an attractive tile display, this neutral glass type is ideal, as it will not detract from the main show. Clear glass typically shows a slight green haze, which is more evident along the edges. The iron content within causes this cast, so for absolutely clear glass, go for a low-iron version. One disadvantage of transparent glass is the lack of coverage it gives to those having a shower, so you need to factor this into any decision you make.

Frosted Glass

This glass type balances the need for style and privacy. The frosty surface filters soft light into the shower area while screening the enclosure from view. Typically, you will have options of a cloudy satin finish and a multitude of other designs. You can go with an intricate geometric design or a more organic flowing style. Different masks and stencils create a wide variety of effects, so no matter what bathroom style you have, a complementary frosted glass should be available. This style retains the glacier smoothness of standard glass while providing more decorative options.

Patterned Glass

If you're interested in adding texture to your frameless shower, you can't go past the patterned glass. It features a texture on one side, which also creates a more secluded shower enclosure. During manufacturing, while the glass is in a molten state, moulds create different patterns across the glass as it hardens. Rain is a popular design, with simulated rivulets of water trickling down the glass. Different types of motifs complement both modern and traditional bathrooms. 

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is another option to increase the privacy of the shower. Smoky grey, bronze and blue and green are among the more common tones. You can repeat a colour from natural stone or tiles in the bathroom to emphasise it and to tie everything together for a unified effect. The tints can be darker or lighter to create a more private or open enclosure, as you wish, letting your glazier customise the shower to match your style and needs.