Quick Tips on How to Perfectly Maintain Your Stained Glass

Stained glass strikes a decorative edge to your premise when well maintained and kept in sparkling condition. As an owner, you have realised that you can't just treat them like clear glass. Special attention is needed to maintain these precious pieces of art. Below are some quick tips that will enable you to maintain your stained glass in perfect condition.

Regular Cleaning

Just like clear glass, regular cleaning of your stained glass ensures that they are in sparkling condition at all times. By using a dry cloth or soft brush, wipe your stained glass regularly.  In some occasions, you may use water mixed with neutral pH solution and a cloth to rub for thorough cleaning. It is important that to note that any liquid used for cleaning should be sprinkled on the cloth and not the glass plane. Always finish off by wiping using a dry cloth to remove streaks that will have formed. In addition, regular cleaning allows one to inspect your glass for any damages inflicted.

Routine Maintenance and Inspection

Other than inspecting them yourself, it is important that you hire a professional who'll be visiting your premise regularly for inspection and maintenance. Stained glass tends to deteriorate quickly if not well taken care of, losing its artistic or historical elements. It is advised that any maintenance is conducted by a professional due to the risks involved. You may agree with your service provider on the regularity of their visits.

Always Replace Loose Putty immediately

Due to the heat from the sun, the frames and glass tend to expand and contract, causing the putty to crack and loosen up. Once you notice the putty is loose, always replace the putty and repaint them to their original colour to allow longevity.

Check Frames for Stability and Strength

In the case of wooden frames, always check for moisture intrusion, as water content will weaken the wooden frames, which can have adverse impacts. Therefore, paint and other moisture-sealant options can be used to protect the wooden frames. Steel frames may tend to rust if not protected. Therefore, it's advisable to always repaint for protection against rust. Always ensure that your steel frames are well-painted or coated at all times.

Owning stained glass can beautify your premise considering its uniqueness. However, proper maintenance needs to be taken to ensure that the glass retains its artistic aspect. For more information on how to maintain properly your stained glass, contact your professional studio.