When Is It Time to Replace Your Glass Shower Door?

A glass shower door can dramatically transform the appearance of your entire bathroom. Unlike shower curtains, glass doors create a visually appealing focal point in your bathroom. Additionally, glass reflects light and makes the space look bigger than it is. For this reason, it is a suitable addition for both small and large bathrooms. However, just like you have to replace your curtain when it's worn, glass doors also require repairs at some point. But how do you establish that it's time to get new glass for your door? Here are some of the telltale signs that indicate you need glass repairs for your shower door.

Cracked or broken glass door

The most visible sign that you need glass repairs or replacement is tiny chips or cracks on the door. These can result from impact when closing the door or if someone accidentally hit the door. The extent of the damage will determine whether you need a new door or you can get away with repairs. For tiny cracks, a glass specialist can fill the cracks and restore the door to its previous look. However, this is not a durable option as the crack could extend after a while. It would be a good idea to replace the entire door with new and sturdy glass that can withstand impact without breaking.

Water on the bathroom floor

The shower door is not only meant to provide privacy but also to keep water in the shower. Unlike with a curtain where it's easy for water to splash onto the bathroom floor, a shower door should keep your floor dry at all times. If you notice water on the floor, particularly next to the shower door, this is a sign that the door is leaking. This can happen when there is a crack on your glass door. Also, water leaks can occur if the door fails to close all the way. You need to replace the glass to avoid this leakage. Also, as you replace it, inspect your door framing as well and look out for damage.

Old and unappealing glass

The shower is the place where you go to clean up and feel fresh; therefore, it makes no sense to wash in a room with an old and filthy looking door. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you have had your glass door for decades and didn't maintain it properly. An old door may have worn framing and discoloured glass that affects the aesthetics of the room. Consider replacing this door with a new one, preferably a frameless door. New glass can improve the appearance of the entire space.

As you replace your old shower door, go for high-quality glass and make a point of cleaning it regularly to preserve its appearance.