4 Reasons to Opt for a Curved Glass Screen for Your Wet Room Instead of a Straight One

Wet room are popular for several reasons, and there are a number of ways you can personalise yours round your own distinct wishes. One of the chief considerations is what kind of glass screen you will be using. Most people will go for a simple straight pane, which can work well in certain areas.

However, curved glass screens can be even better, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Prevents More Water from Escaping

As with a curved shower screen for a shower/bath combination, curved screens can be an excellent way to ensure that less water escapes the enclosure. This isn't often as much of a problem with wet rooms, but spray can still hit the back wall and work its way out into the main portion of the bathroom. The inward curve at the end away from your shower will help catch spray and channel it back towards the plug hole.

2. Delivers Unique Styling

With the wide pane of glass and lack of a fixed enclosure making the room look more upscale, open, and modern, wet rooms are always capable of giving your bathroom a luxurious appearance. In fact, many people choose to fit a wet room instead of a bath for that reason alone. Using a curved shower screen is a great way to double down on the aesthetic charms of a wet room. For starters, curved shower enclosures are less common. Beyond their uniqueness, curved screens just look more stylish than traditional straight ones.

3. Makes the Most of Your Space

Wet room are often used to maximise the amount of space a bathroom can offer, so it only makes sense to think about how the space you do have can be best utilized. One of the great advantages of using a curved glass screen for your wet room is that it will provide more space where you need it and less where you don't. At the end where the shower is, the outward curve will provide more room for washing yourself; at the end where you enter and don't need as much room to move around, the curve will bring the screen closer to the wall.

4. Thinner Glass

When glass is made with a curve, it doesn't need to be as thick. Thick glass can be problem when you're creating the shower screen for a wet room since it will require firmer anchoring. Additionally, thicker glass tends to look cheaper and less attractive than curved glass. If you want to go thinner, curved glass shower screens are where it's at.