Glass Panes | 3 Instant Actions To Protect Your Home When Your Glass Windows Crack

Glass windows are attractive accompaniments to any home. But sometimes, they are vulnerable to breakage or cracks, especially if you have kids playing rugby or football around your home. Before the glass repairs professionals arrive to assess the extent of the problem, this guide offers you instant actions to protect your home by ensuring uncompromised safety. Depending on the extent of the breakage, you may either need glass repairs or complete glass replacement.

Clean Up All Pieces Of Glass Shards

Your first action is to clean up any pieces of glass shards to ensure that no one in your household mistakenly walks over them barefoot. Imagine the bloodshed! Sweep up the entire floor around the broken or cracked window. Place all glass shards in a paper bag before throwing them out. Avoid using plastic bags because the jagged glass pieces can easily cut through them and harm you or anyone else handling them. Finish off by vacuuming the area to ensure maximum safety in your home. Use the hose attachment to target hard-to-reach crevices like tile grout, wall corners and under-sofa floors.

Cover The Hole Or Crack With Packing Tape And Tarp

Yes, this is an unsightly option, but it will protect you and your family until the glass repairs professionals can get to your home. When working around the broken or cracked window area, use heavy-duty gloves to prevent cuts and bruises. Start by applying clear packing tape over the cracked area. Be generous with the packing tape to completely secure the window, so that it doesn't end up shattering under pressure from winds. Once done, use tarp and tape to seal off the entire window frame. This will protect the interiors of your home from unsolicited insects and intruder until the glass repairs professionals arrive.

Cover With A Wooden Board For Maximum Safety

If you're concerned about potential burglars getting into your home through the broken or cracked window, secure it completely using a piece of wood. You will need to nail this board into the interior frame or sill around the glass window to deter thieves from attempting a burglary. While this isn't visually appealing, it will provide you with as much security as possible until the glass repairs professionals arrive and assess your window fix. Nail holes can always be fixed later with putty or caulk.

If you're dealing with a cracked or broken window, follow these instant actions to protect your home until the glass repairs professionals arrive and determine whether your window can be fixed or if it needs replacement.